Who Are We?

We are regular people like you.

Kids and parents, young and old, the strong and the struggling, those who think they've got it all figured out and those who know the truth. 

We are part of a movement.

Crosstowne sees something bigger than any church and more organic and creative than any institution. 

And that something is God's boundless love for the town of Milton. So partnering with,  cheering on and walking with neighbours and groups that move towards the good of our town is part of our DNA. 

We are a church.

As a family of disciples on mission, we seek to worship, live and grow together in exploring God's boundless love. We are a people-first, neighbourhood-rooted, and creatively-flexible community of faith. 

Join us for a Sunday Gathering to meet our community and learn more.  Just let us know you're coming this Sunday by emailing info@crosstowne.org

Crosstowne This Week

Sunday November 5th

Worship and breakfast 9:30am!

Wednesday November 8th

Women's Bible Study: The Book of Acts

40 Ontario Street 10am-11:15am

Saturday November 11th

Milton Winter Coat Drive at the Corner

10:30am-1pm, come by and get warmed up!


All are welcome!

Email info@crosstowne.org for more information.





Visit us at the Corner anytime!

Meet Pastor John Bouwers




Crosstowne   |   100 Nipissing Road (unit 3), Milton, Ontario   |   info@crosstowne.org    |  289-878-3513